Question: The Defense Team Baez

Do you think that Jose Baez, one of the defense attorneys in the Anthony case, is unaware of the rules that go along with the jail system, or do you think that he is just trying to see what he can get away with? 

I personally think he thinks he is above and beyond and can do as he pleases.  He has seemed to have that attitude since he took on this case.
Here is a video




Casey Anthony Week roundup 26 Oct-1 Nov

So it’s been a long week.  Not much going on with Casey, but the attorney and Cindy and George, plus Lee have things to say!


Texas EquuSearch has asked for volunteers.  Tim Miller specifically asked for current or former members of the military, law enforcement officers or firefighters to serve as team leaders. 


The defense team has started questioning witness’ in this case.  Tony Lazzaro, employee at the Amscot, Johnson’s wrecker service employees.   


Casey Anthony was formally charged.  The pre-trial will be 11 December and the trial will start 5 January 2009.  Of course no one from the defense team was present and Casey was charged with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and four counts of lying to investigators.  The Judge accepted the plea of not guilty that was submitted 17 October. 


This week Leonard Padilla has let some truths out.  He said that a Target bag was found by the airport.  Inside it had 2 cans of deodorant in it.   LP also stated that Lee sent an email to someone and said not to send money to EquuSearch.  LP also said that Lee has hung low after the DNA testing.  LP stated that Casey would go to the attorneys office daily to get a way from Cindy and George.  (Makes one wonder why she would want to get away from the only people who believe her wacked out story)  LP said Cindy Anthony is flat out lying, and she lies to convince people that she is right and everybody else is wrong.   


The Sheriff’s department recommended that two protestors that caused such a seen at the Anthony home be charged with battery.


Fifteen hundred plus pages of tips were released this week.  Mostly from Psychic’s.  From what I can tell, the first tip in said that Caylee was deceased and if you keep on the mom she will head us to the body.  This was on July 22.  And still to this day, the Mom isn’t talking. 


It has been said that Scott Peterson is writing letters to Casey in jail.  It has not really been proven he is, and it has not been prove he isn’t.  The news stations in Florida all have different stories. 


Video’s of Casey and Tony Lazzaro in Block Buster are out.  The video’s they rented are Untraceable” about a kidnapper and killer. The other was “Jumper” which features a character who is a mother who abandons her five-year-old child.  


The Defense team has hired a company called D&A Investigators to investigate tips that come into the tip-line. 



Casey Anthony had done her first shopping spree in jail.  Here are a few of the items she purchased:  Non alcoholic mouth wash, mens deodorant, mens soap, writing paper, envelopes, stamps, mints…

Here is the document.  


Baez, the defense attorney has been warned about hugging his client in jail, twice!  It is against policy that there is any contact in jail.  As a defense attorney, I think he needs to read the rules. 


Of course Cindy and George have been on the tube again.  Now Caylee is being moved around from place to place….they are getting close…. 


EquuSearch has put up a website for Caylee Anthony. Seems to be a very nice site, and will have search updates.  And there is no connection with Cindy, George nor Lee!  They have also set up the command center at 10300 Boggy Creek Rd, Orlando, FL 32824-7033. 

EquuSearch new site for Caylee

EquuSearch has started a new site for Caylee.  The site is a great site and will have updates on the search.  I am sure Cindy is having a fit about the site, she seems to when she is NOT in control!

Here is a blurb from it: 

Please join in the official search for Caylee Marie Anthony which will resume in Orlando on Saturday, November 8, 2008.  Texas EquuSearch is looking for volunteers for foot searching, ATV searchers, horse searchers and volunteers to man the command center.  

The search command center will be at:

10300 Boggy Creek Road
 Orlando, FL

Here is a map to the location.  The search will start on 8 November. 

Casey Anthony AFRAID! Oh give us a break!

Casey Anthony has NOT cooperated with the Sheriffs office because she is afraid!  I guess you can be afraid if you have actually killed your child!  I would be afraid too, if I were in her shoes, and a cops daughter.  Oh give me a break! 


Everyone is saying the motion will be DENIED for her to run around and search for her daughter.  And this will be the FIRST court appearance she will attend, except for the one she had while in jail!  She is at her attorney’s office from 10-4 pm Monday-Friday!  Sounds to me like you have freedom!


Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch said they are heading back because they want to find this missing girl.  He does not believe she is alive, but would like to find.  Tim said they stop searching because of the weather.  He sounds very determined to find Caylee.  Tim also said he has $35,000.00 invested in finding Caylee.  Check out their website texasequusearch.  If you want to help with the search for Caylee, I am sure they can use the money. 


Leonard Padilla said that Casey has no fear and thinks she is in total control of the situation.  This has been said in many of the comments by you.  He also said that Casey wants to go out and search because she knows Tim Miller is going to be there and WILL find Caylee, in days.  This all of a sudden this has her scared?  Leo also thinks that Casey got rid of Caylee on the 26/27.  This is when she told Amy that she got rid of the smell in her car!  Leo also believes this is where Tim Miller will be searching, following the pings on Casey cell phones! 


I hope Casey is sweating this!  I hope she realizes that Tim Miller and his team members will find Caylee.  And guess what?  She will be in jail without bail!  I so can hardly wait! 


It is said that Casey has a secret cell phone.  It would not be in her name.  But the police can tap into the towers and see if there is a signal coming out of that house.  I wouldn’t doubt that she has one, how else can she talk about what she has done! 


Casey you really need a reality check!  Your not in control, nor do you have the upper hand!  Your words mean nothing and you really have no need to run around the world to find Caylee, you didn’t want to help before!   

EquuSearch return to search

Volunteers with Texas Equusearch are planning on returning to central Florida to start up their search again.The teams were forced to stop looking for Caylee when tropical storm Fay hit.

A spokesperson from the group says they should be back next week.

I wonder how Cindy will deal with this?  Equusearch will more than likely be looking for a body.  Wonder if there will be any contact with the Anthony family…….