Who I am

I am who I am, and have been since I was born.


22 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. I am constantly watching news, Nancy Grace, etc. I cannot find any sympathy for this family. My only concern and prayers are for Caylee only. It’s quite obvious to most of the public, since this family can’t keep their respective pie holes shut, that they’re so worried for Casey, and the other charges. I am astounded that Casey has gone on this long. She is a pathological liar and now has done the ultimate crime. We all know it, but I hope I’m wrong. I had a daughter, and unmarried, I was older, but did face worry about how I would make it. But never in a million years would I want to hurt my child, it’s a shame that many families love children and can’t have them, too bad she didn’t give her up for adoption. Casey chose partying over being a Mom, how sad……

  2. There is statute of limitations on Murder!, so should we not back off presureing the sheriff to make hast in a rush to arrest Casey. Mabey we should stop protesting; Don’t get me wrong I believe she has murdered Caylee. Lets get all the edvince so she does not get away with this hanis crime.

  3. WOW really humble I too have been who I been since I was born!! Small world (giggling)
    Except I have a little confession….I’ve gotten…um… a lot chubbier since then. hehe

    On a serious note…Humble I really enjoy reading your blogs! Keep em’ coming! I hope you don’t mind that I have added you to my blogroll.

  4. I am so glad I found your HUMBLE site. I am thrilled with how you are looking at everything that is happening, so objectively. Thank You…………………

  5. Yep we need CSI Miami…or send the Las Vegas Team over there…Grissom would have it solved in 30 minutes. 🙂
    He would have dug that garbage bag out of the dumpster and tested the maggots for DNA

  6. I am 52ydz old, I believe that I am who I am because of my wonderful mother. Your conccience is instilled in you by your parents. You cannot let a child get away with constant lies. I reside in the subburbs of New Orleans, LA. We siblings of three, and my mother primarily did the disipline. We are from the south our whole life, we respect our elders, say, please, thank you, yes mam, no mam etc yes sir no sir.. I raised my daughter “adopted to be the same, I got compliments constantly, she is now 25. When she showed signs of mental illness, she was seen by a psychologist. Your responsibilites must carry on, they are your children for life! I remember stealing from a store in the French Quarter at age 13. I went to juvi, and mom came and got me. “I was so humiliated”, I was with a friend, I had to clean their shop for a month on the weekends. My friend did not. Mom did that so I could hold my head up and shop in their store again. The point, Casey is defective, and without a soul, I pray for justice. I wish they would bring in a great Psychic!!

  7. Humble you said it well. We are all who we are & always will be. I belive Popeye said the same thing, LOL. I have really enjoyed this site, it is most informative & I have enjoyed posting with the people here. I don’t know how you do it, but you do a great job keeping us up to date on all the latest details of this case, keep up the good work.

  8. It makes one person wonder when the family say do not give here money here for we are looking for alive Caylee only. So if the money is not for a live search, we do not want your help, right? that the measssage. The family say ‘No one else is, there want the public to look for a dead Caylee so they put her in a coffin..Casey is not going to answer to anyone about any question in regards to Caylee whereabouts. Why tie the rope around her own neck, when you may facing the death penalty. I think she may have done this to be with Tony. Sorry to the Gentleman/LADIES, but there are some who just do not want another INDIVIDUAL children (family baggage). Sorry if that harsh, but that is how it is often words, but not in those exact words. THERE IS ALSO THOSE WHO LOVE CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT. These individuals are the one who help teach unconditional love. In this case, there are just to many things that do not add up. The family say it themselves. Anthonys should be working with all search teams (regardless of the terms that are use), no one can say 101%that know she alive, if so, than where she at, let be her home, but it also has to go hand in hand that there is a 50/50 chance here. I know the result, I just trying to put emotion aside to get the best result in the end. I total, complete search. It is what it is. It should be a meeting of the minds. Lets do all that is in the best interest of finding Caylee if she ALIVE OR DECEASED. (those are some hard words to type.) I enjoy the information that in to your website. I do feel the lost that they may be feeling is great, but Casey holds all the answer. If I was Casey in jail. I would have ask that my funds be use to find my DAUGHTER, not so I can order from the jail special items. Most jail will prove shampoo, soaps, tooth brush/paste, underclothes, the basic,etc. A razor to shave with too. I would have so many picture of Caylee around me. It may just be easier to play lets just pretend it a short break from the real word…here come the insanity plea..no prison time, off to a state hospital, than in a few years, she will get to return to the world w/o sending any prison time. Please no movies or books. The ideas…scary thought.


  10. Hey Humble~ =) I’ve been watching your site for a few days now and you’re doing an awesome job keeping track of things in the case. So let me take this opportunity to say ” Thank you “!
    This is terribly important information and it keeps on moving, God Bless you for keeping up with it all.
    An interesting note: Your post date here struck me as ironic, because I have just seen video on Greta of the area where Caylee’s skull/bones were found, video taken on August 5th, and it was dry according to Greta’s report. Interesting info,…and even more for us to think about. I’ll be stickin’ around for the duration, that’s for sure.
    Thank you so much for all you’re doing Humbleopinion!

  11. Thank you …especially since there is no new news lately. We need our justice fix. I was a little less involved during the campaign, because that consumed my mind and opinions for almost 2 years. But I was always following the search for Caylee, I did’nt know how to blog, not even what it was, and now You actually said welcome to me!!!! I ‘m a blogger. Thanks again. Kjs

  12. I came here to see what this site was about since I was hearing so much about it. Crimeseekers really runs this site down a alot so I had to come and see if what they are saying there is true. I don’t see anything wrong with this site at all, in fact I think it’s great. What a shame the owner of Crimeseekers is going out of his/her way to run down another site so much. I found some wonderful information on you site humble, I thank you for the time you have taken to write about Caylee.


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